TE Connectivity Raychem Outdoor Termination

Designed for high voltage up to 245kV power cables

Outdoor Termination

high voltage cable terminationThe Raychem OHVT System The high voltage outdoor termination (OHVT) is designed for voltage up to 245 kV and to operate under severe environmental conditions. Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adopted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. Composite or porcelain housings with different creepage lengths are available covering the most common and also extreme pollution levels. The installation of the termination can be done by trained installer equiped with conventional tools. The termination is designed according to following standards: IEC-60840, IEC-62067, IEC-60815, IEEE-48, IEEE-1313.

Model variations

  • Creepage
    Variations according to individual requirements
    - pollution class
    - normal sheds
    - alternating sheds
  • Cable lug
    Different types of cable lugs available
    - mechanical with defined torque
    - crimp octant or hexagonal
  • NInsulator
    Variations of insulator materials
    - composite
    - porcelain


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