TE Connectivity Raychem Fibre Optic Add On Kit

For High Voltage Cable Accessories

Three Piece Joints

high voltage cable fibre optic kitThe Raychem fibre-optic add-on kit is designed to connect the glass fibres integrated in HV cables. The kit includes all components required to seal the cable jacket and the fibreoptic outlet securely and to protect the sensitive optical fibres that are housed inside the steel pipes.

The standard add-on kit is suitable for connecting two individual steel pipes each with a maximum of 24 optical fibres.

Features at a glance

  • The splice box is suitable for crossbonding and straight-through joints
  • Gel-sealing technology ensures reliable operation even when buried joints are used
  • Enhanced fibre management
  • The splice box is easy to open and close, without the use of special tools
  • The kits are available for Raychem joints and terminations (outdoor and equipment terminations)


Cable Services web link: TE Connectivity Fibre Optic Add On Kit

Cable Services Catalogue PDF: Fibre Optic Add On Kit

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