TE Connectivity Raychem Dry Compact Switchgear and Transformer Termination

PHVS and PHVT designed for high voltage up to 245kV power cables

Dry Compact Switchgear and Transformer Termination

high voltage cable jointThe dry compact switchgear termination for voltage classes up to 245 kV is designed to be installed in cable entry housings of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). It complies with IEC 62271-209 standard, which essentially specifies the interfaces between the termination and the switchgear. Therefore the termination will fit into all GIS complying with IEC 62271-209. Adapters are available to match the dimensions of wet (oil-filled) type terminations, and older designs specified in IEC 60859. The termination operates in SF6 but also in insulating liquids like transformer oil. A corona shield at the top of the termination then provides the necessary shielding of the terminal. The termination is easily separable and consists of a plug-in part and an epoxy resin insulator. The insulator can be installed by the GIS or transformer manufacturer already at the factory saving installation time on-site and reducing the risk of contamination of the cable entry housing. In case of short cable links and due to the short length and light weight of the plug-in part it can be also pre-installed by the cable manufacturer further reducing the time required to install a substation.

Features at a glance

  • Dry interfaces, no oil-filling
  • Dimensions comply with IEC 62271-209
  • Pressure-tight resin housing
  • Operates in SF6 and insulating liquids
  • Pre-fabricated and factory tested Si-rubber stress cone
  • Torque-controlled or wedge-type multi-contact conductor bolt
  • No special tools required to install the termination
  • Isolated cable gland for sectionalization
  • Type tested according to IEC 60840, IEC 62067 and IEC 62271-209 standards


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